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Relying on its large plant area, complete production types, faster delivery speed and good cost performance, ChungAn Technology Group has become one of the most competitive lift manufacture enterprises in this industry. With our rich experience in Wheelchair lifts supply, we can understand your needs as well as the particular demands during your application.

Wheelchair lifts products

Automatic single arm lift (MLA series)
Single arm lifts
Cabled remote control
Safety flaps
Anti-overturn safety system
Adaption rear or side of vehicle
Providing a perfect view to the driver
Smallest sides designed suitable for small van
The biggest difference
MLV Large wheelchair access for dedicated vehicles
Double arm lifts
Vertically folding platform
Anti-slip and safety gate
Automatic controlled by the electrohydraulic system
Perfect view to the driver

Wheelchair lifts can be ideal for several reasons:

  • The weight capacity for this type of lift is usually 500 -750 lbs
  • They are ideal to carry heavier battery-operated wheelchairs
  • Provide wheelchair access to 2 levels and in some cases 3 levels
  • Standard platform size of 36″ x 48″. Optional platform sizes are available
  • Two drive systems including hydraulic lift and screw drives
  • Usually, savings are associated with the construction cost of elevators
  • Easier to service and lower maintenance cost
  • Does not require a machine room
  • Can be installed with a 3″ pit or ramp on the first floor
  • The open-style platform feels spacious
  • Only uses a standard household 110-volt outlet
  • Some models offer battery backup operation in both directions
  • Q&A

  • How much is a hydraulic lift for a wheelchair?
  • Wheelchair lifts provide an efficient and economical mobility solution, with prices ranging from $3,000 to $15,000

  • What size wheelchair elevator do I need?
  • Most generally you would like the inside clear car to be 36″ x 48″ to accommodate a wheelchair.

  • What does it cost to install a lift?
  • Depending on the size of your lift, buying and installing a lift kit can easily cost anywhere between $400 to $4,000 if you install the kit yourself. If you hire a professional, it could cost between $800 and $8,000. You should have a better idea of how much it costs to install truck lift kits.

  • Can I install my own chair lift?
  • The Accessibility Equipment Manufacturers Association (AEMA) has taken a strong stance against self-installations and DIY stairlifts, publishing a position paper that highlights some of the dangers.

  • How long does a wheelchair lift last?
  • A properly operated and maintained wheelchair lift should last for 10-12 years Read your owner's manual and work closely with your accessible vehicle dealer to make sure your lift is ready to go whenever you are.

    ChungAn Technology Group will continue to improve Wheelchair lifts products quality by adopting advanced manufacturing processes and philosophies and as a result of this we always provide our customers with the best quality Wheelchair lifts products, competitive prices and excellent services. The team always follow the management idea of "no defect quality and no picky service "and try to provide comprehensive, safe and efficient work and lifting scheme as quickly as we can in order to meet the customers' need.

    ChungAn Technology Group’s mission is well service our customers and provide quality Wheelchair lifts products to end user. Service you is also help us, so as well we wish you successful business!

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    Since 2010, ChungAn Group have specialized in mobility solutions for wheelchair users, including wheelchair transportation service, product development and manufacturing for accessible mobility such as wheelchair/scooter lifts, ramps, tie-downs, safety fixing kit and more. We continually focus on quality, service, reliability and complete solution to ensure you have a total backup support from ChungAn Group. Our purpose is to continuing further improvement our own products of disability and elderly’s mobility aids demands.