Single arm lift
Automatic single arm lift (MLA series)
Automatic single arm lift (MLA series)
Fully automatic lifting device with up and down designed, in its closed position were 90-degree rotation towards inside and outside of vehicle for easy access to the vehicle and luggage handing. The single arm lift can be Right or Left, depending on user's specific requirements. The MLA series is recommended for the small vehicles due to its limited dimensions designed to reduce the size in the space of vehicle and does not hinder the driver's field of vision while driving. The difference of the product design is to save 50%
  • ◆ Single arm lifts
  • ◆ Cabled remote control
  • ◆ Safety flaps
  • ◆ Anti-overturn safety system
  • ◆ Adaption rear or side of vehicle
  • ◆ Providing a perfect view to the driver
  • ◆ Smallest sides designed suitable for small van
  • ◆ The biggest difference